Project #4: Photorealistic Illustration Reference Photo

For my last project I will be creating a photorealistic illustration from a photo taken by myself. Here is the photo I have chosen:

Please forgive all of the stuff in the background! Wish me luck =)


Project #3: Info-Graphic Thumbnail Sketches

I will be choosing to illustrate either one of the following concepts for my info-graphic project:

1) The progression of hairstyles and eyeglasses styles throughout the decades

2) The rate of animal extinction vs animals that come off of the extinction list

Here are some thumbnail sketches I've come up with so far for the first concept:

The next step will be settling on one of these concepts and doing a bunch of research to come up with the informational content, and reference images...


Project #3: Info-Graphic Research

For project number three I will be creating an info-graphic! Here are several ideas I am contemplating doing for my illustration:

1) The rate of animal extinction vs animals that come off of the extinction list

2) The amount of trees cut down in the US per day vs the amount of trees planted per day

3) How media has effected the amount of outdoor playtime of kids

4) Recommended serving sizes vs actual serving sizes around the world

5) The progression of hairstyles and eyeglasses styles throughout the decades

Now I have to choose one of these and start researching!


Project #1: Editorial Illustration FINAL VERSION!

Project #2: Type-Based Illustration Preliminary Critique

Project #2: Type-Based Illustration Project Statement

1. Background
     Cinecon 2011 Classic Film Festival is a five day event where classic movie fans gather in Hollywood to watch and celebrate 30 rare silent and early sound feature films. These films are rarely screened in public. There will also be several celebrities from the early film era, as well as a memorabilia show and awards ceremony. The illustration is a poster with a classic film star and the titles of the 30 movies that will be showing at the festival.

2. Target Audiences
     The target audience for my illustration will be movie enthusiasts, particularly classic film fans. I also hope to reach out to a newer generation of movie-goers that might not have been exposed to classic films, but who have an interest in learning the film industry’s roots and how it evolved into what it has become today. Another area I’d like to reach is the retired community. These films should bring back some of the nostalgia of their youth.

3. Objectives
     After seeing this illustration I want the target audience to become excited about the festival and to either log onto the internet to find out more and the details of the event, or to spread the word and tell friends/family who might be interested in an event such as this.

4. Obstacles
     Obstacles standing between my objectives and the target audience are some of the older demographic might not have access to the internet, some of the young demographic might not see this sort of an even as being exciting and a place for young people to go. If a young person really desires to go they might face pressures from their peers to not go because it might come off as “un-cool.” One misconception in our present culture that might deter people from going to this festival might be the fact that classic films, especially silent ones, are perceived as boring. Today’s movies are so jam-packed with special effects and excitement, that older movies lack.

5. Key Benefit
     The key benefit the audience will experience upon seeing this illustration is that they will experience a piece of movie history that few have ever witnessed before. It is a rare opportunity to find out how the glamorous film industry began.

6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why
     The key benefit outweighs the obstacles because people like to experience rare opportunities, and they also love the movies. After seeing one of these classic films they will have a new understanding and appreciation for the film industry. They won’t take for granted all of the effects that seem so easy to do in today’s movies. The audience will also get to meet some of the actors from the older film era, which will not be possible in the next 10 or so years due to their age. They younger generation needs to be exposed to these films and culture, or it will fade away as soon as the older audience is no longer here.

7. Tone
     The tone of this piece will be playful and dramatic. I want it to give homage to the glitz and glamour of the era these films came out of. I want the audience to get excited when they see it and create an interest in what might seem boring in today’s culture.

8. Media
     This illustration will be printed as posters and some printed advertisements in the newspaper or weekly magazines. It will also appear online at the Cinecon 2011 website on the home page.